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    Features & Benefits

    • No Participant Software
      or Players to Download
    • Windows and Mac Compatible
    • Statistical Tools
    • Remote Desktop Control
    • Unlimited Sharing

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    Free 14-Day Trial

    We have no doubt that you will love our system. For direct access to all our features, take advantage of Priority Meeting's free 14-day free trial and see it perform for yourself.

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    Switching from traditional meetings to modern online conferencing can cut down on more than just your expenses.

    Find out more about how web conferencing can increase your employees productivity and lower their stress in the short and long-term.

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    Video & Web Conferencing Services
    for Businesses

    We've never been known as a company that holds back features. Unlike our competitors, Priority Meeting Suite includes the ability to hold business meetings, improve student-teacher learning through online virtual education, hold webinars, and provide remote desktop support, all in one convenient, easy-to-use package.

    Priority Meeting is on the leading edge of Web, Video, digital audio conferencing and voice IP conferencing for video conferences. Available with our Web and Video conferencing is our automated Conference Call service. The Priority Meeting Suite is a feature-rich Web and Video conferencing solution. Our solution is Flash® based and doesn't require any participant downloads. Attendees can join a meeting from nearly any Web browser and computer.

    Travel less and accomplish more online thanks to our unlimited web conferencing services. Webex alternative or if you need an alternative to GoToMeeting GotoAssist or GoToWebinar... this is a great option. With Priority Meeting™ and our video conference services you can share your desktop, conduct a webinar, give a sales presentation, or provide online training from virtually anywhere in the world. There are no contracts to sign and we offer monthly rates, yearly rates, and pay-per-minute rates. We offer the lowest rates in the industry.

    Web Conference Business Meetings

    Smart businesses worldwide benefit from web conferencing tools and services every single day. If you're in search of a web conferencing comparison, look no further. The best Internet desktop sharing services provide clients with an easy way to collaborate and that's what Priority Meeting Suite does. Live meetings are easier than ever with our Internet teleconferencing solutions. We aren't here to make a quick sale, instead we want to provide you what you need with all sincerity. Contact us directly at any time during the day and we'll do our best to assist you in any way we can.

    Whether you are looking to train employees, host seminars, and collaborate on documents from across the globe, our web conferencing service, online teleconferencing and video service, and Internet desktop sharing service all combine to form a great product that we're proud to offer you. You can now work remotely from anywhere in the world with this very affordable telecommuting system. Online collaboration has never been this easy.

    Whether you're looking for the best web conferencing service, best desktop sharing service, best webinar tool, or best remote desktop support and sharing option, we can help you. Your web conferencing comparison can stop here! We're proud to offer you a top of the line service at a great price. Online collaboration has never been this easy.

    Today's Internet conferencing services help small, medium, and large businesses conduct sales meetings with live video streaming. We make it easy for you to give online presentations with a click of a button. We encourage you to sign up for our web conferencing free trial. See for yourself the impact and significant difference our Internet conferencing service will make. It's a live meeting alternative that you'll love!

    Webinar Services

    Priority Meeting's web conferencing services allow users to increase meeting their efficiency, collaborate online, cut down on travel time, reduce employee stress, and increase scheduling flexibility, all at an affordable rate. Web-based Seminars Made Easy: Easily offer seminars to hundreds of attendees from around the world. When businesses use our suite of services, they immediately stop wasting money with exorbitant travel expenses. Companies just like yours sign up for web conferencing tools daily to increase their bottom line. In fact, from your office in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Austin, Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas or any other location in the United States, you can easily run face-to-face sales meetings with clients and train employees anywhere in the world. Use this tool to introduce new products and services, demonstrate how products work, and train staff and clients.

    Virtual Training - No Software Needed!

    Imagine teaching students around the world from the comfort of you own home! Educators can take advantage of the online learning possibilities. This live meeting alternative is, easy to use, efficient, and robust. We've made distant education enjoyable and convinient!

    Internet Desktop Sharing Service

    Remote desktop support is an amazing feature that's included for free with the Internet conferencing service. Use the system to train employees, host seminars, and collaborate on documents from across the globe. From virutally any geographical location, you can control almost anyone's computer. In fact, you can also work remotely from anywhere in the world. Revolutionize your customer support with our remote desktop support system. Take remote control of client computers to quickly identify problems, provide solutions, and offer training sessions. You can even conduct sales meetings with live video streaming and give online presentations with nothing more than a mouse click. Sign up now with Priority Meeting™ and see the difference our conferencing service will make!

    Conferencing with us is a breeze! Compare our pricing and you'll see why this is a great solution for your company. This cost-effective online training service is powerful enough to aid small businesses and larger enterprise level companies. Train more students faster from around the world and improve student-teacher intercommunications.

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